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Quality Children’s Costumes Are a Tough Find

There are many retailers available nearby that sell Children’s costumes, but sometimes the quality of the costume is not what it should be. Retailers that understand about quality and a good price have been hard to come by, especially in the costuming world, but there are a few.

Many Children’s costumes contain cheap plastic masks and badly woven polyester cloth that is always, no matter how recently bought, frayed on all ends. There have been costumes that mimic Peter Pan, mask and all, even though the child wearing it is a natural ginger (like Peter). Batman and Spiderman masks are usually very poorly made and the elastic holding the mask in place snaps in half mid-way through the trick or treating phase of the night. It seems that the best way to deal with Children’s costumes would be to make them yourself, but there are never enough hours in the day for that.

No matter the Children’s costumes you have in mind, there must always be a fake plastic weapon along with it. Children’s costumes would not be complete without a fake weapon, nor would the child be much interested in it. Darth Vader costumes get the light saber, pirate costumes have swords and police costumes have batons. Spiderman and Batman are not very popular unless a movie has recently been released because of their lack of accessories. Even fairy costumes have a weapon or two underneath their wings! Yes, wands count as a weapon, ever been hit with one by a frustrated six-year-old girl?

Harry Potter Children’s costumes will continue to be famous and popular for at least another two Halloween seasons. The movies wrapped up extraordinarily but the franchise will get another reboot in some way over the next few years. There is time to have one last fun go with the Potter costumes before it waxes old and uncool and then cool again.
Even babies have options for Halloween. Children’s costumes can help baby be Darth Vader, too! There is even a puppy Darth Vader costume available over the Internet, but in a cuteness cage match between puppy Darth Vader and baby Darth Vader, baby would have to win. Sure, baby will not be wielding a light saber but then again they would not really know what a light saber is, would they? Besides, cuteness is a far stronger weapon than any plastic creation.

Halloween is more of a Children’s costume oriented day than it is for adults; adults can dress up like whomever they want and party at any time of the year. The free candy aspect of Halloween gives the children something to be excited about while drinking and partying while dressed like a funky ‘60’s dancer can be done in March, if one wants.

For all your children’s costume ideas; from Harry Potter to the classic scary clowns, zombies, pirates, gangsters, werewolves and vampires, there are many retailers available both nearby and far away. With the ubiquity of plastic masks and polyester clothing that is sold at many retailers throughout the UK, there are only a few places to get quality children’s costumes that will last more than one Halloween season. Some of these are specialty shops that cost quite the large penny, while still more bespeak of quality that is not really there. Online shops like Arabesque know that quality and a good price will keep customers coming back for all their costuming needs.

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