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Pirate Costumes are Halloween Classics

Halloween 2012 is going to be an interesting event to see for sure. It has been a year of character rich movies that will undoubtedly be supplying people with a vast majority of their costume ideas. Another source that will be strongly influencing the costume donning masses this year will be Comic-con. It displayed an incredible array of comic, film and television characters that range from the pirate costumes inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow to the classic Star Trek characters and even included some television marvels, like the cast of True Blood.

So what is it that keeps those classic characters returning year after year to store shelves and places like Comic-con? Well, pirate costumes have been around for almost as long as witch costumes but what gives them their staying power? Renewing interest in these characters through film, stories and even Broadway has played a massive role in keeping them relevant and popular. For pirate costumes, we have seen three films featuring Captain Jack Sparrow in the last decade. Captain Jack is comical and lively and his dress is interesting and easily costume worthy. The great thing about Jack, besides being played by Johnny Depp, is that it’s an appropriate costume for both kids and adults. So what has been keeping the witch on the popularity radar? It’s one of the simplest costumes to find or make on your own, it has become a go-to costume for women and it has an endless assortment of variations that range from sexy to horrifying. The other bonus and huge selling feature for pirate costumes is that they are unisex. This makes it easy to coordinate a theme with your mates or if you are not flying solo that night than you and your darling can make a cute or savage pirate duo.

The new Film, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, will definitely be infusing the young trick or treater’s desires to raid the stores of all pirate costumes this year. Just how popular are pirates? Well, in 2011 Pirate’s were the second most popular costumes among adults and fourth most popular among children. While Halloween, as far as the candy collecting goes, is for the little kids; as an adult it can still be just as much fun as it use to be. Organizing a costume party where people can go to enjoy a few themed bevies and the imaginative costumes is a safe and friendly way to spend the traditional night for ghouls. Many pubs encourage people in costume to come out for costume contests and the like, often, the best part of the evening as an adult Halloween enthusiast is just getting to see what everyone else comes up with for a costume.

Pirate costumes might be a dime a dozen in your area but if that’s the case at least you will have a hearty band of scallywags to hang out with for the evening! Is Halloween for adults becoming a thing of the past? Perhaps, but it doesn’t have to! Keep the childish spirit inside you alive by nourishing it just a little bit, whether you find a party to attend or you simply put your pirate costumes to use by dressing up to pass out the treats – if you make the effort you won’t be sorry.

We have pirate costumes that will have your friends saying “ahoy there matey!” Check out these and other themed costumes in our vast selection today.

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