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Men’s Costumes for This Halloween

What is it with mens costumes? Some of the things men will show up wearing to a party are just ridiculous! The truth is they don’t even try. Pulling a bed sheet over your head and shouting “BOO!” is not exactly brilliant. Since proper costuming is becoming more popular and home made things are becoming sort of taboo, guys should be catching on anytime now.

Some really clever and well-made men’s costumes are available. There is no excuse for not being able to find a quality costume for this Halloween or any other event. If you look at our selection, you will see that we specialize in men’s costumes that range from classic to comedic and from naughty to nice.

This year the most popular men’s costumes are all superheroes! There are the classics like Superman or Batman but this year there is a whole new slew of characters to choose from. Captain America, the new Joker and Iron Man are all regaining popularity and after this year’s blockbuster summer for superhero films. You can’t go wrong dressing as one of the Avengers, Batman or the Amazing Spider-Man. Try it! You will be a hit. Aside from choosing a great superhero costume, it also allows for the freedom to go out as a group of heroes, like the X-men or the Fantastic Four. You could even be different and go as a selection of classic villains. What could possibly be better than having a costume that looks good and a party to wear it to? How about sweeping a lucky lady off her feet? What woman doesn’t want to be rescued by a superhero? A fun game you can play when you go out with your friends is trying to find a person who is dressed as your complementary character. So Batman might be looking for a Robin or Bat-girl, while Spider-man would be trying to find a Mary-Jane Watson and Wolverine would have to find a Jean Grey. If you are going to play this game than you will need men’s costumes that don’t look completely absurd, otherwise when you do find your other costumed half they won’t be so inclined to give you the time of day.

Another option and something that will be a little more penny friendly would be to consider an Olympic mens costume. If you are brave enough to don a swim costume like David Davies then you will definitely be turning some heads! Of course, if you want to project true class this year the best men’s costumes award will always be given to the group of blokes who arrive in style as the Olympic Football Team!

If you have a Halloween party or any occasion that requires you to dress up, it’s time to get creative. You can even make up a reason need men’s costumes. Dress up as an opera singer and serenade your love. Deliver pizza to your wife so she doesn’t have to cook supper…..dressed as a Spanish Matador. Have fun with it!

Men’s costumes should also be just that – for men! Throwing on your Mum’s robe and calling it a job well-done just won’t do. We have a mantastic selection of costumes for gents to choose from. What are you waiting for?

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