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Halloween Planning For The Hardcore and Lazy Alike

Talking about Men’s costumes and how there are plenty of ideas for men out there to either dress as scantily as women or have a cool, funny costume that will impress everyone – even police officers.

Halloween planning has begun. Supermarkets have started stocking, and selling, the mini candies and chocolate bars. The large supermarkets are selling decorations. Pumpkins are being picked. The more ingenious and serious minded individuals are sewing costumes, carving costumes or painting costumes. Expect to see many home made papier-mâché outfits at the parties and bars. Men’s costumes that would be the easiest to come up with from scratch include; Indiana Jones because he only needs a whip, some second hand clothes and the proper hat. Jesse Custer is another and only requires an eye patch and a piece of white card with black dress clothes but for those individuals who will not or cannot even being to construct their own costume, there are still options for an excellent men’s costume.

It would be easy to make a costume that perfectly mimics anyone from Little Britain or Monty Python, but the particular hairstyles required might be a bit more of a challenge, and chain link armour is a little harder to come by. Besides, who would want to grow their hair out for just one day of the year? Never mind that, but who would plan that far ahead? Men’s costumes that require Andy’s hair would be easier built by simply ordering a wig that looks exactly like a bald-topped blonde mullet.

To be honest, a zoot suit is cool at any time of the year. During Halloween, it is the chosen costume of drug dealers around the world. Why not dress as the infamous Al Capone, the one to stand up to those ridiculous prohibition rules by rebelling against very similar laws? Or a Men’s costume could be a marijuana leaf – no officer would suspect a person wearing a costume marijuana leaf to be a drug dealer. That would be terribly obvious. Pimp costumes are also very popular during Halloween, although, all there is to a pimp is a pint of Guinness or three.
Men’s costumes need not be imaginative, or show a lot of skin, though there are some Spartacus costumes around that would make women swoon. A doctor can trade uniforms with his officer friend and voila! A doctor every other day of the year is a police officer on Halloween. Not quite imaginative, and the ladies will regret that the doctor did not purchase a Village People Cop costume, but oh well.

Pretty much the only option for Men’s costumes that contain as much clothing as most women’s costumes are the village people. This does not mean that imaginations have to work overtime. With the right hairstyle, a fancy enough pen with mechanical bits glued on, and suspenders without a shirt, one could be Doctor Who! Lose the shirt of course. If you find a person wearing a Dalek or Cyberman costume, lubricated with a few pints, and the party will really get going!

Men’s costumes can be very easy or very hard, depending on how intense the man in question is about Halloween. There are plenty of retailers to make your life a little easier, but there are very few that carry Thunderbirds and Little Britain costumes! Arabesque is one of those retailers.

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