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Quality Children’s Costumes Are a Tough Find

There are many retailers available nearby that sell Children’s costumes, but sometimes the quality of the costume is not what it should be. Retailers that understand about quality and a good price have been hard to come by, especially in the costuming world, but there are a few.

Many Children’s costumes contain cheap plastic masks and badly woven polyester cloth that is always, no matter how recently bought, frayed on all ends. There have been costumes that mimic Peter Pan, mask and all, even though the child wearing it is a natural ginger (like Peter). Batman and Spiderman masks are usually very poorly made and the elastic holding the mask in place snaps in half mid-way through the trick or treating phase of the night. It seems that the best way to deal with Children’s costumes would be to make them yourself, but there are never enough hours in the day for that.

No matter the Children’s costumes you have in mind, there must always be a fake plastic weapon along with it. Children’s costumes would not be complete without a fake weapon, nor would the child be much interested in it. Darth Vader costumes get the light saber, pirate costumes have swords and police costumes have batons. Spiderman and Batman are not very popular unless a movie has recently been released because of their lack of accessories. Even fairy costumes have a weapon or two underneath their wings! Yes, wands count as a weapon, ever been hit with one by a frustrated six-year-old girl?

Harry Potter Children’s costumes will continue to be famous and popular for at least another two Halloween seasons. The movies wrapped up extraordinarily but the franchise will get another reboot in some way over the next few years. There is time to have one last fun go with the Potter costumes before it waxes old and uncool and then cool again.
Even babies have options for Halloween. Children’s costumes can help baby be Darth Vader, too! There is even a puppy Darth Vader costume available over the Internet, but in a cuteness cage match between puppy Darth Vader and baby Darth Vader, baby would have to win. Sure, baby will not be wielding a light saber but then again they would not really know what a light saber is, would they? Besides, cuteness is a far stronger weapon than any plastic creation.

Halloween is more of a Children’s costume oriented day than it is for adults; adults can dress up like whomever they want and party at any time of the year. The free candy aspect of Halloween gives the children something to be excited about while drinking and partying while dressed like a funky ‘60’s dancer can be done in March, if one wants.

For all your children’s costume ideas; from Harry Potter to the classic scary clowns, zombies, pirates, gangsters, werewolves and vampires, there are many retailers available both nearby and far away. With the ubiquity of plastic masks and polyester clothing that is sold at many retailers throughout the UK, there are only a few places to get quality children’s costumes that will last more than one Halloween season. Some of these are specialty shops that cost quite the large penny, while still more bespeak of quality that is not really there. Online shops like Arabesque know that quality and a good price will keep customers coming back for all their costuming needs.

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Halloween Planning For The Hardcore and Lazy Alike

Talking about Men’s costumes and how there are plenty of ideas for men out there to either dress as scantily as women or have a cool, funny costume that will impress everyone – even police officers.

Halloween planning has begun. Supermarkets have started stocking, and selling, the mini candies and chocolate bars. The large supermarkets are selling decorations. Pumpkins are being picked. The more ingenious and serious minded individuals are sewing costumes, carving costumes or painting costumes. Expect to see many home made papier-mâché outfits at the parties and bars. Men’s costumes that would be the easiest to come up with from scratch include; Indiana Jones because he only needs a whip, some second hand clothes and the proper hat. Jesse Custer is another and only requires an eye patch and a piece of white card with black dress clothes but for those individuals who will not or cannot even being to construct their own costume, there are still options for an excellent men’s costume.

It would be easy to make a costume that perfectly mimics anyone from Little Britain or Monty Python, but the particular hairstyles required might be a bit more of a challenge, and chain link armour is a little harder to come by. Besides, who would want to grow their hair out for just one day of the year? Never mind that, but who would plan that far ahead? Men’s costumes that require Andy’s hair would be easier built by simply ordering a wig that looks exactly like a bald-topped blonde mullet.

To be honest, a zoot suit is cool at any time of the year. During Halloween, it is the chosen costume of drug dealers around the world. Why not dress as the infamous Al Capone, the one to stand up to those ridiculous prohibition rules by rebelling against very similar laws? Or a Men’s costume could be a marijuana leaf – no officer would suspect a person wearing a costume marijuana leaf to be a drug dealer. That would be terribly obvious. Pimp costumes are also very popular during Halloween, although, all there is to a pimp is a pint of Guinness or three.
Men’s costumes need not be imaginative, or show a lot of skin, though there are some Spartacus costumes around that would make women swoon. A doctor can trade uniforms with his officer friend and voila! A doctor every other day of the year is a police officer on Halloween. Not quite imaginative, and the ladies will regret that the doctor did not purchase a Village People Cop costume, but oh well.

Pretty much the only option for Men’s costumes that contain as much clothing as most women’s costumes are the village people. This does not mean that imaginations have to work overtime. With the right hairstyle, a fancy enough pen with mechanical bits glued on, and suspenders without a shirt, one could be Doctor Who! Lose the shirt of course. If you find a person wearing a Dalek or Cyberman costume, lubricated with a few pints, and the party will really get going!

Men’s costumes can be very easy or very hard, depending on how intense the man in question is about Halloween. There are plenty of retailers to make your life a little easier, but there are very few that carry Thunderbirds and Little Britain costumes! Arabesque is one of those retailers.

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Pirate Costumes are Halloween Classics

Halloween 2012 is going to be an interesting event to see for sure. It has been a year of character rich movies that will undoubtedly be supplying people with a vast majority of their costume ideas. Another source that will be strongly influencing the costume donning masses this year will be Comic-con. It displayed an incredible array of comic, film and television characters that range from the pirate costumes inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow to the classic Star Trek characters and even included some television marvels, like the cast of True Blood.

So what is it that keeps those classic characters returning year after year to store shelves and places like Comic-con? Well, pirate costumes have been around for almost as long as witch costumes but what gives them their staying power? Renewing interest in these characters through film, stories and even Broadway has played a massive role in keeping them relevant and popular. For pirate costumes, we have seen three films featuring Captain Jack Sparrow in the last decade. Captain Jack is comical and lively and his dress is interesting and easily costume worthy. The great thing about Jack, besides being played by Johnny Depp, is that it’s an appropriate costume for both kids and adults. So what has been keeping the witch on the popularity radar? It’s one of the simplest costumes to find or make on your own, it has become a go-to costume for women and it has an endless assortment of variations that range from sexy to horrifying. The other bonus and huge selling feature for pirate costumes is that they are unisex. This makes it easy to coordinate a theme with your mates or if you are not flying solo that night than you and your darling can make a cute or savage pirate duo.

The new Film, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, will definitely be infusing the young trick or treater’s desires to raid the stores of all pirate costumes this year. Just how popular are pirates? Well, in 2011 Pirate’s were the second most popular costumes among adults and fourth most popular among children. While Halloween, as far as the candy collecting goes, is for the little kids; as an adult it can still be just as much fun as it use to be. Organizing a costume party where people can go to enjoy a few themed bevies and the imaginative costumes is a safe and friendly way to spend the traditional night for ghouls. Many pubs encourage people in costume to come out for costume contests and the like, often, the best part of the evening as an adult Halloween enthusiast is just getting to see what everyone else comes up with for a costume.

Pirate costumes might be a dime a dozen in your area but if that’s the case at least you will have a hearty band of scallywags to hang out with for the evening! Is Halloween for adults becoming a thing of the past? Perhaps, but it doesn’t have to! Keep the childish spirit inside you alive by nourishing it just a little bit, whether you find a party to attend or you simply put your pirate costumes to use by dressing up to pass out the treats – if you make the effort you won’t be sorry.

We have pirate costumes that will have your friends saying “ahoy there matey!” Check out these and other themed costumes in our vast selection today.

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Men’s Costumes for This Halloween

What is it with mens costumes? Some of the things men will show up wearing to a party are just ridiculous! The truth is they don’t even try. Pulling a bed sheet over your head and shouting “BOO!” is not exactly brilliant. Since proper costuming is becoming more popular and home made things are becoming sort of taboo, guys should be catching on anytime now.

Some really clever and well-made men’s costumes are available. There is no excuse for not being able to find a quality costume for this Halloween or any other event. If you look at our selection, you will see that we specialize in men’s costumes that range from classic to comedic and from naughty to nice.

This year the most popular men’s costumes are all superheroes! There are the classics like Superman or Batman but this year there is a whole new slew of characters to choose from. Captain America, the new Joker and Iron Man are all regaining popularity and after this year’s blockbuster summer for superhero films. You can’t go wrong dressing as one of the Avengers, Batman or the Amazing Spider-Man. Try it! You will be a hit. Aside from choosing a great superhero costume, it also allows for the freedom to go out as a group of heroes, like the X-men or the Fantastic Four. You could even be different and go as a selection of classic villains. What could possibly be better than having a costume that looks good and a party to wear it to? How about sweeping a lucky lady off her feet? What woman doesn’t want to be rescued by a superhero? A fun game you can play when you go out with your friends is trying to find a person who is dressed as your complementary character. So Batman might be looking for a Robin or Bat-girl, while Spider-man would be trying to find a Mary-Jane Watson and Wolverine would have to find a Jean Grey. If you are going to play this game than you will need men’s costumes that don’t look completely absurd, otherwise when you do find your other costumed half they won’t be so inclined to give you the time of day.

Another option and something that will be a little more penny friendly would be to consider an Olympic mens costume. If you are brave enough to don a swim costume like David Davies then you will definitely be turning some heads! Of course, if you want to project true class this year the best men’s costumes award will always be given to the group of blokes who arrive in style as the Olympic Football Team!

If you have a Halloween party or any occasion that requires you to dress up, it’s time to get creative. You can even make up a reason need men’s costumes. Dress up as an opera singer and serenade your love. Deliver pizza to your wife so she doesn’t have to cook supper…..dressed as a Spanish Matador. Have fun with it!

Men’s costumes should also be just that – for men! Throwing on your Mum’s robe and calling it a job well-done just won’t do. We have a mantastic selection of costumes for gents to choose from. What are you waiting for?

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Ideas From The 80s For Your Fancy Dress

The eighties is a source of inspiration for many a fancy dress costume and event itself, after all the colourful characters and the genre as a whole was as diverse as it is interesting. Celebrities and ideas range from the movies of ET, Ghostbusters, Rain Man and Terminator to the stars of the stage such as Madonna, Micheal Jackson and Duran Duran, to name but a few.

Just think about the musicians of the decade, Madonna and Cindy Lauper with their wild looks for the girls and the likes of the Duran Duran or Boy George for the Boys, when thinking about who or what you can dress up as based upon the 80s theme. Continue reading

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Creating the perfect 70s fancy dress costume

If you are struggling for ideas of what costume to wear to a fancy dress party then we have some great ideas for you. The 1970s was a great era for wild fashion and this lends itself perfectly to the costume theme. We have created this article as a quick guide to help you select a groovy 70s costume and all the accessories to complete the look. Below you will see some mens and womens costumes to give you a few ideas.

Womens 70s Costumes




If you are looking for a costume to show off that figure then a 70s style jumpsuit is a great option. This style of costume comes in various colours and styles. Continue reading

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Are you a Dancing Queen? ABBA Fancy Dress Costumes

Queen of the dance floor, or even a diva of disco; the seventies theme as a fancy dress costume idea is certainly diverse and you will not be short of ideas in getting that ideal costume together. Part of this era, and a very big part at that is the sensational music group of Abba, remember the phenomenal Swedish group made of Agnetha Fältskog, Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad. They certainly provided a colourful and classic collection of fancy dress costumes both on and off stage.

One of the great joys of attending a fancy dress party, especially that of a specific time era is that you can enjoy the dancing and music that goes along with this time period. The 70s and early 80s provided an excellent array of music and songs that still live on today. Abba’s Dancing Queen, Mama Mia, Money, Money, Money amongst others is always a sure party hit and favourite amongst attendees. Just make sure your dancing skills are up to scratch, you will want to make the most of this trip back in time. Continue reading

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Fancy Dress Accessories

One of the most important parts of any fancy dress costume are the accessories, these items will often make the difference between a good and great costume. These fancy dress accessories may include simple finishing touches, such as sunglasses, handbags or gloves as well as more elaborate wigs, hats and even jewellery, not to mention the makeup for those special characters, such as ghouls and so forth.

These fancy dress accessories can be found in a variety of places, from the local second hand or charity shop to the main stream department stores. However the best place to get the right accessories is via the online fancy dress suppliers, the reason being is that they not only provide the right accessories per costume, but have taken all the guess work out of deciding which accessories are required and suggested for a particular theme, genre or costume itself. Continue reading

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70s Fancy Dress Ideas and Themes

Well the 70s, what more can we say? It seems that many of us, that are old enough look back on that era with a fondness and nostalgia second to none. Well why wouldn’t we? The characters and overall ‘genre’ of that era was nothing short of spectacular to say the least and who can forget the costumes.

70s Fancy Dress – TV and Film Costumes

From the military themed television shows and movies such as M*A*S*H, to the gangsters and mob in the all time classic The Godfather; fighting it out on the dance floor in Saturday Night Fever to fighting in the outer galaxies in Star Wars – this era was certainly as diverse as the characters and costumes that are often the source of many a fancy dress costume party. Continue reading

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80s Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

Getting Ideas from the 80s for your Fancy Dress costume party

Needless to say the 80s, when one looks back was pretty ridiculous with some of the hairstyles and outfits, yet surely you will remember the music from that time, this period indeed has its own character, style and personality, and makes for some great ideas for your next fancy dress costume party.

Even today the trends of the 80s are visible in some of the fashion that appears on television around the world, some of the items bringing back those memories of that crazy era, an era that represented a bold and vibrant fashion sense, and almost do what you like sentiment where people tried their utmost to be noticed and admired for their ensembles that many created themselves. Continue reading

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